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Interactive online CET “Papilloedema – Is it or isn’t it?” 6 April 2021 7.30-8.45pm


“Papilloedema – Is it or isn’t it?” aims to:
* Describe the main features of papilloedema and pseudopapilloedema
* Discuss the examinations necessary in making a differential diagnosis
* Discuss risk factors involved for each DDx
* Discuss associated and important symptoms
* Discuss importance of record keeping and reference to old records where possible
* Discuss urgency of referral if referral is required

The session will assist practitioners in safely managing patients who are suspected of having swollen optic nerve heads.

There will be time at the end of the Webinar for questions from participants to the main presenter and supporting specialist contributors.
There will also be an email contact to ensure that if there are any areas of misunderstanding these can be addressed by email correspondence.
You will be emailed a web link on Sunday 4th April, with the Zoom details. You will need to reply to that email to confirm that you are still attending, along with your GOC number so that we can register you for your interactive CET point.
The room will be open from 7.15pm on the day of the event.
Competencies covered:
Ocular disease.
Standards of practice.
Learning Objectives:
6.1.14 The ability to examine and assess patients who might be suspected of having papilloedema by signs and / or symptoms.
2.7.7 Understand the differential diagnosis for papilloedema and the clinical information required in cases where an onward referral is required
Lorcan Butler MCOptom MBCLA Prof Cert Paed Eye Care
Optical Engagement Manager – Brain Tumour Charity
Lorcan has 17 years of experience of working as optometrist in a variety of different settings, and is the College of Optometrists Council Representative for Northern Ireland.
Lorcan is involved in providing learning material to the optical sector on behalf of the Brain Tumour Charity.

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