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What is Stage 1 and how can we help you?

You should aim to gain in confidence dealing with as wide a range of patients, establishing a good rapport with your supervisor, practice staff and assessor whilst ensuring your practical skills meet the standards set.

You must be able to justify clinical actions and patient management – and this will include explaining any refractive correction, treatment or referral activity.

At least five days of hospital experience should be carried out (although hybrid along with online learning is acceptable) – sufficient to complete the College hospital log book adequately and also ideally allow evidence for those competencies less likely to be experienced in a high street practice setting (typically the under 2-year-old and anterior chamber cells and flare).

The main requirement is the evidence for your stage 1 assessor to sign you off for all competency elements, and to be able to respond to any requests by the assessor for information to be sent prior to the visit. As part of this, record-keeping must be accurate, legible and meet the GOC standards of practice. It is essential to demonstrate patient consent for use of their records has been agreed. You must also maintain up to date knowledge of relevant subjects.

Out of the Box Optics supports you throughout your Stage 1 journey, starting with the complimentary Stage 1 Visit 1 Competency Guide that is available on request by emailing

Click here to see and get to know our tutors for the OSCE Masterclass and click here for frequently asked questions.
What is Stage 2 and how can we help you?

The College of Optometrists has recently changed the format of Stage 2 Assessments. You will already have access to the 108 scenarios, which cover the overarching competencies.

We carefully select FOUR Scenarios per webinar, covering a multitude of competencies. We will systematically deconstruct each of them, in a logical and helpful manner via a Webinar that takes place periodically throughout the year. There are a total of 4 webinars, encasing 16 of the Scenarios.

As and when dates are confirmed, the Webinar(s) will become available to book via this website!

What are the Weekly Online Workshops?

Each and every week, an expert for a specific subject area will explain and demystify clinical skills and competencies, and help set you on a trajectory for success. Each session lasts an hour, and you can sign up to as many as you like.

The Weekly Online Workshops are aimed at Pre-Reg Optometrists at ALL stages of the Scheme for Registration.

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